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Established 1. July 2014 - We live in Earthen Ring and we are one of the most friendly guild in the realm & we raid Brf HC only 2 times per week!
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 how to make an application as RAIDER

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how to make an application as RAIDER Empty
PostSubject: how to make an application as RAIDER   how to make an application as RAIDER EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 12:55 am

To make an application follow this instruction; copy the questions below > go back to guild applications > click on 'new topic' > paste it > fill out the questions.

During the application time, we will reply to you on your application, so make sure to register as a user so you can reply if we got any questions and so. otherwise note that it can take between 1-3 days to evaluate your application.

During the Trial time, you will have same rights as an raider with joining raids and loot, since as a trial we need to see how you fit in the guild on every aspect, so it takes between 1-3 weeks.

Keep in mind we give you an evaluation to let you know where you stand on the performance, if needed to improve and so on, before making a final call whether you pass or not!

As a Trial,  you will be able to roll for Gear, tho keep in mind that we have a loot system which you can read more about inside the post called "Loot system"!

Charactors Information:

1. Whats your Characters name ;
2. Whats your Class ;
3. Whats your Mainspec and Offspec ;
4. Armory Link from ;
5. Where do you find information about your class/spec to make it fully optimized as possible ;
6. Can you raid with your off spec, incase its needed ;
7. Explain your Glyph Choice (Prime, Major and Minor) ;

Raid Information:

1. What experience do you have from raiding ;
2. What addons do you use for raiding ;
3. Our raiddays are Monday & Thursday 20:00 - 22:30 Realm time, would you be able to join them ;
4. Where do you learn the bossfights from ;
5. What can we execpt from you and what makes you stand out from the rest ;

Additional information:

1. Which previous guild/raidgroup have you been in and why did you leave them ;
2. Why did you apply to us, aside from other guilds ;
3. How is your computer and connection ;
4. Tell us a bit who you are ;
5. Whats your hobby outside the World of Warcraft universe ;
6. Do you accept the rules that we have [Information and Rules] ;

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how to make an application as RAIDER
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