Imperial of Orgrimmar

Established 1. July 2014 - We live in Earthen Ring and we are one of the most friendly guild in the realm & we raid Brf HC only 2 times per week!
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 information and rules

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Imperial of Orgrimmar is a newly formed guild (1 July 2014), consisting of old members who wanted to play in a more mature, laidback and with a serious raiding environment. At the moment we are building up a stable raid team, as our further aims are for completing the more difficult heroic encounters as we mature.

We are a small but active group and wish to keep it that way since we enjoy playing in an environment where all our players know one another.  Our main focus is to have a guild with mature people who like to raid, have fun, but can be serious when necessary.

We are trying to keep the high standard in our guild, and increase it more and more as we mature.

We do also expect that your gear is gemmed with the best possible gems that is available for you on your current toon that your planning on raiding with us, and make sure everything is okay.

we did manage to build up a strong guild on the raiding aspect and we will still continue on having a high progress eventho we only raid 2 times per week.


We are using Teamspeak for raiding, and although we do not require you to have a microphone it is important that you are able to listen to what's being said.

we use the ingame calender, for the signups for our raiding and event.

Teamspeak details can be found in our Guild tab, under info.


Rules are not something we are hoping to have to enforce but we do understand that a few guidelines may be required especially when considering our raids.

Firstly when you are in our Guild, remember that you represent us, so think before you act or say anything which might offend others.  We hope to have a good reputation on Earthen Ring and Darkmoonfaire and as such we do not tolerate trade spam, or anti social behaviour against other players regardless of their own behaviour.  Basically use your common sense and treat people with respect.

problems with gear on pugs is not something we can do anything about, since the raidleader makes the call, even if its unfair. so you can simply not join his raid next time, instead of making a big deal out of it. the same goes on a specific player in a raid. ignore them and tell raidleader about it. keep in mind that officers and guildleader know alot of the people in this realm, so we will eventually find out about it.

If you signup for a raid and you find out you cannot attend, then there is Skype you can get from guildleader and our Facebook page on the webpage where you can inform us about it, we do prefer you to contact an officer in game but understand that this is not always possible.

we do expect that you show up 5-15mins before raid, fully prepared. being late once in a while is okay, but don't make a habbit of it.

Although we appreciate input during raids, a raid leader’s decision is final on the day.  Anything that may still cause you problems or tactical suggestions can be brought up after the event with officers and will be fully explored.  It can however cause difficulties to stop a raid to argue over what can be more easily discussed at a later time.

On the raiding aspect, its required that the DPS class are using a addon for their rotation, like cool down timers and what not. Healers should use either Healbot or Vuhdo. Tanks also Omen Threat Meter. Deadly Boss Mode is required for everyone to use.

Looting System:

we are Using our own Looting System, which is a Council between the Officers. You can find more of this inside the post called "Loot system"
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information and rules
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